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A medium bathroom solution

A medium bathroom solution

Mar 8, 2014

So far it has been impossible for a single bathroom design to incorporate the 3 most desirable functions. These are functionality, style and eco-friendliness. There were designs which managed to deal with one or two of the above-mentioned features but not a single one capable of dealing with 3 at the same time. In other words, then, we had to wait until the new woodworking technologies were introduced about a decade ago. Now, though, things look very different in that it is possible to come across a bathroom design option capable of combining the 3 features thanks to the use of the wooden material. Modern-day woodworking and carpentry allow for combining excellent functionality on a daily basis and beautiful looks. Finally, the eco-friendliness condition is also met because, as we know, wood is far more eco-friendly than PCV or aluminium.

The wooden material has been around quite literally for centuries. Back in the very olden days it was the only material known to man that could be used for decorating purposes. Over the year, wood has been gradually replaced with synthetic materials right up to the moment when wood fought back. There were a whole bunch of reason for the reintroduction of the wooden material but it appears that eco-friendliness was the most important one of them. Apparently, eco-awareness become important because people could no longer deal with detrimental effects  of global warming.

Wooden style in a medium bathroom

As opposed to PCV or aluminium-made items, a wooden cupboard or cabinet is very easy to recycle. Even though it takes some trees to be cut down in order for a piece of furniture to be made, it is absolutely OK because treIndulgence_talles grow back at a relatively fast rate especially in comparison with the amount of time it takes for PVC or aluminium to be recycled. Speaking of a medium bathroom, though, we must bear in mind the fact that the use of wooden furniture is absolutely crucial to obtaining a successful bathroom design. Cupboards and cabinets made using the latest techniques used in woodworking and carpentry feature excellent build quality combined with increased resistance to humidity. Mind you, a bathroom always means difficult conditions. Condensation is very prominent which means we do need to protect the wooden material against the negative effects of water that is present in the air there. Present-day technologies have thought of water protection, too. Most manufacturers use polyurethane-based lacquers which are known for their protective functions.


Medium bathroom can easily combine style, practicality and eco-friendliness. However, you do need to use wood because no other material meets all the 3 requirements.

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