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A shower room in your bathroom

A shower room in your bathroom

Feb 27, 2016

If you’re about to redesign your bathroom, you may as well want to hear about a shower room. This is a particularly interesting design idea because it helps to minimise the use of space in a bathroom. So if you have a rather small bathroom, this might be just the way to go for you. Mind you, according to recent research and studies, there are more and more people with small bathrooms and that is simply a result of the construction policy that has been around for a couple of decades now. Rather than making big and spacious bathrooms, designers and architects are convinced that it is the other rooms that should be made big. Even at the cost of the bathroom. Given that, turning your bathroom into a modern and compact shower rooms sounds like a very good idea.

A shower room is meant to serve exactly the same function a bathroom serves. The key difference being, it doesn’t use quite as much room as a regular bathroom does which is why it has become very popular with small bathroom owners over the years. Let’s see if a shower room can really deliver in a proper real-life situation with a demanding family with some serious expectations when it comes to their bathroom.

A compact and modern solution

A shower room is exactly what we need in a small bathroom context where every square inch counts. Therefore, let’s briefly discuss the idea of a shower room to see what it really is all about. First of all, a shower room assumes using no typical bathtub. Having no bathtub giModa_Wall_Hung_WC_Bidetves us many advantages and that’s the whole point of using a shower enclosure. No bathtub means that there’s plenty of room for other bathroom equipment. For example, with no bathtub there will be space for a bidet or even two washbasins if that’s what’s required. What’s more, there will be also room for a set of bathroom furniture which, as we know, is absolutely essential in ever bathroom. Very few people actually realise that this is precisely the bathroom furniture that makes the entire bathroom functional and usable because it offers the storage space. Without enough storage space the entire bathroom will turn into a right mess in no time at all. Having no bathtub also gives a chance to fit some green stuff into your bathroom. For example, we recommend palm trees for their leaves which look great in a bathroom. When it comes to colours and general design principles, we recommend that everyone sticks to their own taste and sense of what’s good and what isn’t. However, the general tip is that it is better to use pastel colours which give a nice, cosy and relaxing atmosphere.


A shower room is a very good alternative to a typical bathroom design which not only looks old-fashioned but also takes of a helluva lot of space.

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