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Getting the most out of a large bathroom

Getting the most out of a large bathroom

Dec 31, 2015

Even though many people wish they had a large bathroom, it should be remembered that a large unit isn’t only all about fun and joy. The bigger the room, the more problems it generates. It is just enough to think about designing the furniture bit and selecting the sanitary ware items. There is a whole bunch of options available and on gets easily spilt for choice. Therefore, we’re going to discuss large bathroom related issues in this blog entry. We’re going to focus on getting the most out of such bathrooms by taking full advantage of their potential. Please stay tuned for all the tips and tricks regarding a decent large bathroom design.

It turns out that just having a large bathroom at one’s disposal is far from enough. A big room designed without a careful study and examination of the owner’s needs is nothing but useless. Therefore, in order to take a good advantage of a large bathroom, one needs to answer a number of questions regarding the choice of sanitary ware items and bathroom furniture options. Only then can it possibly be any good.

The size and the concept

A large bathroom is useless and pointless without a good design concept. A large room can be quite literally flooded with bathroom gear and furniture items in no time at all but that’s not the point, is it? We need to achieve something much deeper than that and in order to do it; we need to hatch quite a plan. First of all, we have to know what it is that we expect of a bathroom. These days most of customers expect a great functionality, practicality and energy efficiency. Therefore, let’s focus on how to make a large bathroom deliver to those expectations. First of all, it is important to remember that functionality can only be achieved by a careful planning and preparation. In particular, we recommend choosing bathroom furniture that has been tailored to the individual specifications of a bathroom in question. Of course, it would be 4196_05_12much cheaper to get furniture off the shelf, but it wouldn’t be able to get the most of the bathroom. Having a decent set of bathroom cupboards and furniture is absolutely crucial because that gives the precious storage space that is always needed. Speaking of practicality, we do recommend items like wall hung toilets or at least compact ones. This space-saving solution helps to get even more space for your stuff. When choosing the space-saving option, you could even think of putting both a shower enclosure and a bathtub so it is definitely worth the effort. Finally, it is about time we mentioned energy efficiency and eco-friendliness. Sanitary ware manufacturers offer a whole range of solutions designed to use as little running water as possible. For instance, a rim-free toilet unit would be a perfect complement to an overall well-designed bathroom.


A large bathroom calls for some special measures but the effect is certainly worth the effort.

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