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Reinventing your bathroom

Reinventing your bathroom

Nov 29, 2015

A bathroom designed the way you know it is now a matter of the past. Typical designs cannot possibly compete with an ensuite bathroom which appears to be the future of sanitary ware design. According to design experts, older designs simply don’t hold a candle to ensuite bathrooms when it comes to a whole variety of reasons. What’s more, ensuite bathrooms give you a completely new set of opportunities which can transform the way you think about bathroom designing. The limitations of the past are now gone which means you can move on to another level of comfort, style and practicality. Given that, let’s discuss ensuite bathrooms and try to figure out whether it is really that good.

It may even be difficult to imagine that bathroom designs that we’ve been familiar with for decades are now a matter of the past. The bathroom designing show must go on and it indeed does. Little wonder, then, we are now faced with a completely new approach to bathroom designing. Instead of having a typical bathroom located in the hall, we suggest a slightly different way of looking at a bathroom. An ensuite is a completely different story because it allows for a direct access from a room rather than a hallway.

A different pair of shoes

Yes, an ensuite bathroom is definitely a completely different pair of shoes when it comes to key design objectives. First of all, an ensuite bathroom cannot be accessed from a hallway and that is a big advantage over a typical bathroom design. Instead, it can be accessed from your room which gives greater privacy and comfort on a daily basis. However, when it comes to sanitary ware equipment, an ensuite unit is pretty similar to an ordinary bathroom. Given that, you need to reModa_Rimfree_Seat_Up_logomember about a number of facts which are bound to make your bathroom more successful. First of all, please take your time when it comes to choosing both bathroom decor and individual pieces of bathroom equipment. The best option is to combine these two efforts together in order to achieve the best results. The whole idea is very simple, though. All you need to do is try to think of colours and designs that you like. When you’ve done that, you can proceed to choosing particular pieces of bathroom equipment which will match the already agreed on design. At this point it is worth-mentioning that it is a good idea to think of efficiency and aesthetics. Even though it might sound strange, these two features can co-occur. For example, we recommend a line of rim-free toilet bowls which manage to combine these features perfectly. The rim-free design gives a nice modern touch and it also helps to save running water consumption due to a clever flushing system.


An ensuite bathroom is a completely different story than a regular beach and for this reason it is definitely worth a try.

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