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Small bathroom – wonderful opportunities

Small bathroom – wonderful opportunities

Feb 29, 2016

A small bathroom is often regarded as a potential problem when it comes to choosing a satisfactory design option. The reason why small bathrooms can be so problematic is fairly simple. Most of the time it is all about the space or the lack of it. For obvious reasons a small bathroom can’t possibly offer enough space for all sanitary ware equipment and bathroom accessories and this is exactly where problems begin to appear. However, thanks to a clever space management system, it is possible to turn even small units into practical and pleasant bathrooms. Given that, let’s see exactly what it is that makes a small bathroom everything it needs to be in order to win our favour.

A small bathroom doesn’t have to be all about problems. Even though there’s physically a shortage of space, it is still possible to arrange the whole thing in such a way so that one can take the most of it. For instance, certain types of bathroom equipment should be chosen over others just for the sake of space they occupy.

A small bathroom of great functionality

Every small bathroom can be turned into a perfectly functional unit ready to be used by a big family on a daily basis. However, given the shortage of space, one cannot afford to make any mistakes when it comes to the choice of a bathroom design that is to be used in this particular situation. First of all, we do recommend sticking to the good old rule which clearly states that if there’s not much space to deal with, one has to be very careful when it comes to the choice of sanitary ware equipment. In 3D_600_w_White_furnitureparticular, we recommend choosing a shower enclosure rather than a bathtub. The reason for this selection is very simple. A shower unit uses very little space in comparison with a bathtub and that’s what matters here. What’s more, we also recommend other means of saving as much space as possible such as space efficient sanitary ware items and furniture. Speaking of space efficient sanitary ware equipment, one has to remember about choosing either a compact or a wall-hung toilet. These two types allow for leaving as much space for other things such as, for instance, furniture. Bathroom furniture plays absolutely crucial role in keeping the room’s functional and practical nature. If it weren’t for the furniture, even a large bathroom would easily become a mess in no time at all. Therefore, we recommend fitting enough cupboards and cabinets so that there’s enough room for all bathroom accessories such as hair dryers, towels, spare shampoo and shower gel bottles. Getting the furniture right gives a unique chance to come up with a well-organised place called bathroom.


A small bathroom offers one plenty of opportunities when it comes to the proper arrangement. It is possible and it isn’t difficult at all.

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