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The innovative character of Jack and Jill bathrooms

The innovative character of Jack and Jill bathrooms

Dec 30, 2015

A large house poses is probably everyone’s dream. People just don’t want to live in small flats where there are always problems with space availability. There’s simply nowhere to put all the things that we’ve gathered over the years. A large house seems to be the solution to this problem because of the simple fact that there’s more space in it. However, a large house means greater distances that have to be covered in order to get from one part to another. This can be tricky for young children and the elderly. Taking that into account, we suggest installing Jack and Jill bathrooms which seems to be extremely functional and easy to use. Let’s say a few words concerning the idea behind this type of bathrooms.

A Jack and Jill bathroom design originated in the States and over the years it has become moderately popular over the world. The key assumption of this sort of arrangement is that a bathroom can be accessed directly from one’s bedroom rather than from a hallway. This means a whole bunch of advantages in comparison with a regular bathroom that can only be accessed from a hallway. Given that, let’s see if the Jack and Jill unit is really any good.

Unprecedented opportunities

A large house needs some special solutions when it comes to bathroom arrangements. For example, a two-storey building with bedrooms on the second floor needs special attention when it comes to bathroom design. A Jack and Jill bathroom offers everything that’s needed in order to make things comfortable and practical. The main purpose of fitting such bathroom is to provide access to the unit directly from a bedroom or bedrooms. The Jack and Jill design allows one bathroom to be accessed from two separate and independent access points in the shape of, for instance, bedrooms. This is a very good solution particularly because of the whole range of possibilities it brings about. First of all, let’s talk about privacy for a while. A large house is usually a very popular place with many people living inside it and that can cause some serious bathroom traffic. When a Jack and Jill bathroom is used, it is possible to avoid most of that because there’s a separate bathroom for each bedroom or pair of bedrooms. What’s more, a bathroom is always Envy_WH_Bathroomwithin a couple of feet rather than down a long and cold hallway. This is to be appreciated by the elderly or anyone who doesn’t quite like walking to the bathroom. Finally, it is absolutely necessary to mention the significance of the privacy the Jack and Jill bathroom gives. There is no need to live a bedroom in order to go to the bathroom which is not only quicker but also much more comfortable and relaxing. When it comes to sanitary ware items and furniture, a Jack and Jill unit is just like any other bathroom which means one has to take into account such things like energy and space efficiency when designing a unit of this type.


A Jack and Jill bathroom is a very good option for a large house with many people living in it. It gives just about everything a regular bathroom will never deliver.

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