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The perfect blend of form and style

The perfect blend of form and style

Jan 16, 2016

A bathroom too small is often a very serious problem. Similarly, a bathroom that’s a little bit on the large side can also be troublesome. A small bathroom causes a whole bunch of troubles related to the sheer size or lack of it. Due to the size problem it is difficult to arrange the bathroom according to the rules of functionality, practicality or aesthetics. There just isn’t enough room. A large bathroom, on the other hand, makes its designer spoilt for choice. The amount of space is so huge that one often has problems selecting a particular set of products to be fitted. A medium bathroom, however, appears to be just about OK in terms of size and opportunities it offers.

A bathroom has to be just about right as far as the size aspect is concerned. Of course, the idea of the perfect size is all things to all people but there are one or two tips that can be of help when it comes to identifying what is a good size and what isn’t. Most of the time, though, a medium bathroom is exactly what we need due to the fact that it manages to combine enough room with decent functionality.

The medium compromise

A medium bathroom is the answer to the size problem. Not only does it fulfil all the requirements and hopes but also it is pretty much affordable to design. A medium unit offers just about enough space without making the wrong impression of a space that is large and difficult to take care of. With a medium bathroom it is possible to choose a very good design that manages to score very high in terms of functionality and aesthetics. For example, a medium bathroom allows foGalerie_Suite_inc_Bathr selecting a very promising-looking bathroom layout with a bathtub in it. As opposed to a small bathroom which is obviously way to cramped for a tub, it is perfectly fine to fit a full size tub if that’s what you want. Please bear in mind the fact that a proper bathtub gives a unique set of opportunities that a shower enclosure simply doesn’t. Just imagine a perspective of a hot, long and relaxing bath after an exhausting day at work. This is just something that a simple shower enclosure will never be able to deliver. Then there’s the bathroom furniture. Even though there’s some decent amount of space available, you’ve got to be very careful when it comes to fitting all kinds of furniture units. We recommend going for floor standing cupboards and cabinets rather than wall-hung units for a very simple reason. First of all, floor-based units can be used to create an even surface for all your bathroom accessories. Secondly, a wall-hung unit is severely limited when it comes to the weight it can handle. Given that, we wholeheartedly recommend thinking twice before choosing any other option than the floor-based furniture units.


A medium bathroom turns out to be the perfect blend of size and functionality. There’s just about enough space for everything that you may ever want to fit in your bathroom.

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